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Midday Supervisor Training

We offer a range of accredited training packages for lunchtime staff. We deliver high quality training to support them in carrying out their role in a professional manner. Our training packages are 2 hours long so that staff can carry out their duties over lunchtime and can be delivered on your premises.
The cost of a 2 hour training session is £370, however if you have 2 training sessions delivered on the same day/location the cost is £595 (this equates to less than £15 per delegate). Sessions are designed for up to 20 delegates, however should you require more delegate places then please get in touch to discuss.
This training is also suitable for Teaching Assistants, particularly those new to the post. Our training is produced by qualified teachers and our trainers are all educators who understand the challenge staff may face over the lunchtime period.

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An Excellent Lunchtime Team

This course will help your lunchtime team to develop their skills to work together more effectively. It will give staff the opportunity to reflect on their own practice and to take part in positive, meaningful discussions about the importance of teamwork. With a focus on active listening skills the course aims to enhance communication skills of team members and to celebrate their strengths.

Learning Objectives

  • To explore what makes an excellent team
  • To develop strategies to become an excellent team member
  • To consider the aims of the lunchtime team

Inclusion at Lunchtimes

Children may spend up to 25% of their time in the playground, it is vital that inclusion is promoted throughout the school day. This course explores what ‘inclusion’ means and gives staff real practical ideas to promote inclusion at lunchtimes. SEND is discussed and legislation relating to inclusion.

Learning Objectives

  • To be aware of what is meant by inclusion and legislation relating to it
  • To have an awareness of the potential range of SEND in school
  • To develop practical strategies to support inclusion at lunchtimes

Positive Behaviour At Lunchtimes

Lunchtimes may present challenges in terms of behaviour management. This popular course encourages Midday Supervisors to explore positive behaviour management strategies to use. We outline why behavioural issues may take place and whether there is anything that can be done to prevent these happening. Practical and simple strategies are shared with an emphasis being placed on the importance of positive language

Learning Objectives

  • To develop an understanding of why behavioural issues may occur
  • To develop effective strategies to manage behaviour in a positive manner
  • To understand the importance of a positive and consistent approach

Positive Lunchtime Charter

Our Positive Lunchtime Charter provides schools with a tool to reflect on and develop current practice, actively engaging your lunchtime staff in the development process. The workshop elements of this package are aimed at encouraging midday supervisors to self-reflect about lunchtime practice. Highly experienced and qualified trainers will facilitate positive discussions identifying how your team can improve the lunchtime experience for pupils.
The investment for this training is £895.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the principles of the Positive Lunchtimes Charter
  • To explore practical ways of achieving the principles 
  • To reflect on current practice in a positive manner so that change can improve provision

Positive Playtimes

Play is an important feature of lunchtimes. This course explores the importance of play and the different kinds of play children may engage in. It also encourages staff to support play in a positive manner by offering practical ideas for games and activities to try at lunchtimes. Please note that this is not a practical course where games are taught.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the importance of play at lunchtimes
  • To understand the strategies needed to support positive play at lunchtimes
  • To explore practical ways of supporting positive play

Promoting Calmer Dining Halls

The dining experience is an important part of the school day and needs to be a positive one for pupils and staff. This course explores the challenges faced in the dining hall and focuses on positive strategies to support calmer lunchtime experiences.

Learning Objectives

  • To identify challenges faced in the dining hall
  • To explore positive strategies to create a calmer dining experience for pupils and staff

Successful Wet Playtimes

Wet play times can present midday supervisors with a challenge. This course explores how to make them a positive experience yet still acknowledging the difficulties that they may present. Ideas for making wet playtimes fun are included in the workshop manual that each member of staff will receive.

Learning Objectives

  • To identify why wet playtimes may present challenges
  • To explore positive strategies to enhance wet playtimes
  • To develop an awareness of suitable activities to use at wet playtimes